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Provides a secure and easy tool to helps quickly and easily in today's decisions.
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Free Public records refers to information that has been filed or recorded by public agencies,
such as corporate and property records.
Public records are created by the federal and local government,
(vital records, immigration records, real estate records, driving records, criminal records, etc.)
or by the individual (magazine subscriptions, voter registration, etc.).
Most public records are maintained by the government
and can be accessible to the public free of charge.

Online News about political records
The Freedom of Information - FOI gives people a right of access to information held by public bodies. The range of public bodies covered by FOI is very wide, ranging from central government departments to individual schools and parish councils. A full list of the bodies affected - FOI authorities - can be found in Schedule 1 of the Act. A separate Act covers public authorities in Scotland - the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.External website - link opens in a new windowThe list includes The National Archives and the rights of access apply both to our own administrative records and to the archives (the records transferred to us from other government departments).

Free Search Public Records Directory
Is this directory of public information with and best resources for a private investigator.
Check the background, phone numbers, address, and criminal records on the Internet.
Business information, offenders, births, deaths, marriages, corporate filings, property records, deeds, mortgages,
criminal and civil court filings,
inmates, professional licenses, unclaimed property, and much more databases.
Find in and a database with millions of records about bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens.

Freedom of Information. FOI Act.
Legal Research - Public Records
is a resource for obtain vital records pertinent to their city,
neighborhood, phone numbers, property, and addresses
for help people to reconnect lost contacts.
Provide access to public records across multiple databases.
The public court record services allow you to search public criminal
record systems and locate sex offenders by name and state from a Nationwide database.
Public reports provides the customers with the information necessary to make smart decisions
when buy, sell, properties or vehicles and avoid frauds.

Fraud Prevention
Public records are legal documents about an individual or a business institution that conducts a transaction with the government. For example opening a business, recording a marriage birth, or death, declaring a bankruptcy, phone records, address records, motor vehicle records, financial records, credit records, and in many countries you can search in traffic tickets.
Also Court and Criminal Records provide informaion about being convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony, arrest records, county court records, criminal records, and sex offender records, and more.

Europe Information
People can search cars information using the engine number plate of cars and vehicles in the National Register for each country.
Properties section allows to investigate the properties, farms and houses in Register of Microfilms and data properties Search of persons, companies, phones, cars and property. Free Government services in Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, CostaRica. Provides information to the public for research real estate Civil, brands, companies, mortgages, home loans and credit reports of vehicles.

Digital Government. Com - Worldwide Advances in Different Countries - Government Digital Services are trying to take advantage of the latest technology and put them in the service of all citizens to facilitate their paperwork.

The services of an organized government should be thinking about using the latest technology to facilitate data searches to the general public. The Internet allows the general public inquiries online in these valuable sources of information.

Many countries in the world that operate with transparency, and have now with great advances in public databases, electoral rolls, births, marriages, deaths, debts, bank and other information.

To prevent fraud, today it is necessary to keep up with the latest official information before making any business. This information should be public in order to ensure the confidence of economic and judicial system.

Investigation of persons, corporations, businesses, motor vehicles, property yourself can get things done easily

In these times of energy crisis, the digital technology allows a citizen to consult easily from the comfort of your home the registration of persons, corporations, businesses, motor vehicles, property and get the results in an immediate and easily.

Although currently there are great advances in many institutions that offer this information to the public, it is difficult for an ordinary person can locate information easily from the internet so much. Many existing systems are not designed for easy access of a common citizen and often do get lost in complicated screens.

So Government Digital .com has created an innovative service providing information searches in major public databases from different countries of Latin America and the world. It is a free tool of great importance for private research, finding the most important data of a person instantly.
Government Digital .com 's goal is to offer tools that help everyday people in making decisions to facilitate the use of institutions in general. These services also benefit trust companies, banks, financial and other institutions conducting searches of data for economic and judicial processes.

Advantages of online access information
legal procedures for loan, mortgage, law, real estate, buying and selling cars, houses, farms and many other studies. FREE! - All consultation and information services we offer are free. So you can investigate further. Inside the accessibility features include all information services should be offered to the public for FREE. These services are made possible by official institutions and different countries that let you perform all the queries you want using the internet, without having to worry transported to their buildings.

This information is essential for the daily work of lawyers, notaries, human resources departments, private investigations, locations, loans, insurance, banking and society in general.
Public Information

Information in the Registry of Properties. The registration details of mortgages, and credits for individuals, companies, properties are in the Land Registry. In most advanced countries there is an online system that lets you find pripiedades line studies indicating their mortgages, loans, on farms or condominiums and beach concessions.
Electoral Registration - Register of Voters - Voting Records
Civil Registration - Birth Certificates, Marriages, Deaths - Identification Card
Record Property - Properties, Farms, Condominiums, Real Estate Sales Shopping
Registration of Vehicles - Automobiles, Garments, Leasing
Record Banking (with public financial institutions)
Record Police - Civil Courts, Criminal, national and international Searches
Record Traffic - Violations, License
Record of Insurance - marching, Automobile Insurance, Fires, Homes
Register Historic - National Archives, Historical Documents Family, Family Tree
Information for Lawyers, Private Investigations and Legal Research

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National Information - Search for people, businesses, cars and property.

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