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Government of Uruguay
Uruguay - Uruguay
Official language: Spanish
National Institutions
Diputados - Chamber of Representatives
Presidencia - Government
MGAP - Ministry of Cattle, Agriculture and Fisheries
DGSA - General Directorate of Agricultural Services
INIA Agropecuary Research Institute
Ministry of Economy and Finance
DGI Taxes
BCU - Central Bank of Uruguay
MEC - Ministry of Education and Culture
DDP - Directorate of Education
DGR - General Directorate of Registers
INJU - National Institute of Youth
CONICYT - National Council of Scientific and Technological Research
MRREE - Ministry of External Relations
MVOTMA - Ministry of Housing, Regional Planning and Environment
MIEM - Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining
DINAPYME - National Directorate of Handicrafts, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
DINAMIGA - National Directorate of Mining and Geology
LATU - Technological Laboratory of Uruguay
Interior - Ministry of Interior
Ministerio de Defensa Nacional - Ministry of National Defence
Ejercito - Army
SRP FFAA - Armed Forces Retirement and Pension Service
IAU - Uruguayan Antarctic Institute
MSP - Ministry of Public Health
Turismo - Ministry of Tourism
MTOP - Ministry of Transport and Public Works
DNT - National Directorate of Transport
ONSC - National Office of Civil Service
DNC - National Directorate of Communications
ANP National Port Administration
INE - National Institute of Statistics
UNIT - Uruguayan Institute of Technical Standards
INAC - National Meat Institute
CNC - National Committee of Quality
COMISEC - Sectorial Commission for MERCOSUR
JND Drugs Prevention
TCR - Court of Accounts of the Republic
Municipal Institutions
Municipality of Canelones
Embassies and Consulates
Embassy of Uruguay in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Embassy of Uruguay in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Embassy of Uruguay in Brasil - Embassy of Uruguay in Brasilia, Brazil
Embassy of Uruguay Santiago, Chile - Embassy of Uruguay in Santiago, Chile
Embassy of Uruguay Moscú, Federacion de Rusia - Embassy of Uruguay in Moscow, Russian Federation
Embassy of Uruguay Los Angeles, USA - Consulate General of Uruguay in Los Angeles, United States of America
Uruguay in Nueva York - Permanent Mission of Uruguay to the United Nations in New York
Uruguay in Washington - Mission of Uruguay to the Organization of American States in Washington
Political Parties
Partido Colorado - Colorado Party
Partido Nacional National Party
Asamblea - Uruguay Assembly - Member of: Frente Amplio -
PS - Socialist Party of Uruguay - Member of: Frente Amplio -
Nuevo Espacio - New Space
VA Vertiente Artiguista - Member of: Frente Amplio -
PDC - Christian Democratic Party
Izquierda Abierta - Open Left - Member of: Frente Amplio -
Cabildo Independent Movement of Maldonado - Member of: Frente Amplio -
Movimiento de Participación Popular (MPP) - Popular Participation Movement - Member of: Frente Amplio -
Movimiento de Liberación Nacional - Tupamaros (MLN-T) - National Liberation Movement - Tupamaros - Member of: MPP -
Partido de los Comunes
PVP - Party for the People's Victory - Member of: Frente Amplio -
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