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Government of Thailand
Thailand - Muang Thai
Official language: Thai
National Institutions
The King of Thailand
Royal Thai Government
Office of the Prime Minister
Public Relations Department
Royal Thai Police Department
National Statistical Office
National Energy Policy Office
Office of the Council of State
Office of the National Security Council
Office of the Board of Investment
Office of the Narcotics Control Board
Office of the National Education Commission
National Economic and Social Development Board
Royal Development Projects Board (RDPB)
Civil Service Commission
Thailand National Commission on Women's Affairs
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
Department of Agriculture
Field Crops Research Institute
Department of Agricultural Extension
Cooperative Promotion Department
Department of Fisheries
Royal Forestry Department
Royal Irrigation Department
Department of Land Development
Office of Agricultural Economics
Ministry of Commerce
Department of Business Economics
Department of Export Promotion <additional site>
Department of Foreign Trade
Department of Intellectual Property
Department of Internal Trade
Ministry of Defence
Supreme Command Headquarters
Royal Thai Army
Royal Thai Air Force
Royal Thai Navy
Ministry of Education
Department of Curriculum Instruction Development
Fine Arts Department
Department of Non-Formal Education
Department of Vocational Education
Office of the National Culture Commission
Office of the Private Education Commission
Ministry of Finance
Treasury Department
Customs Department
Excise Department
Revenue Department
Fiscal Policy Office
Financial Sector Restructuring Authority
Securities and Exchange Commission
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of ASEAN Affairs
Ministry of Industry
Department of Industrial Promotion
Department of Industrial Works
Department of Mineral Resources
Office of Industrial Economics
Thai Industrial Standards Institute
Ministry of the Interior
Department of Local Administration
Department of Town and Country Planning
Public Works Department
Ministry of Justice
Office of the Judicial Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
Department of Employment
Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
National Institute for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment
Department of Public Welfare
Department of Skill Development
Ministry of Public Health
Food and Drug Administration
Department of Health
Department of Medical Services
Department of Mental Health
Department of Communicable Disease Control
Department of Medical Sciences
Health Systems Research Institute
Nursing Council of Thailand
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
Pollution Control Department
Department of Science Service
Office of Atomic Energy for Peace
National Science and Technology Development Agency
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
High Performance Computing Center
Technical Information Access Center
National Research Council of Thailand
National Information Technology Committee
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Department of Highways
Department of Land Transport
Post and Telegraph Department
Thai Meteorological Department
Ministry of University Affairs
Office of the Attorney General
Bank of Thailand
Election Commission of Thailand
Constitutional Court
Municipal Institutions
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Embassies and Consulates
Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Office of Science and Technology
Royal Thai Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Royal Thai Consulate General in Vancouver, Canada
Royal Thai Embassy in Santiago, Chile
Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai, China (People's Republic)
Tourism Authority of Thailand Office in Taipei, China (Republic)
Royal Thai Consulate in Hvide Sande, Denmark
Royal Thai Embassy in Paris, France
Office of the Economic Counsellor
Tourism Authority of Thailand Office in Paris, France
Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Royal Thai Consulate General in Hong Kong
Royal Thai Embassy in Budapest, Hungary
Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Office of Economic and Investment Affairs
Tourism Authority of Thailand Office in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Royal Thai Embassy in Manila, Philippines
Office of Commercial Affairs
Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore
Office of Labour Affairs
Royal Thai Consulate General in Zurich, Switzerland
Royal Thai Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey
Royal Thai Consulate General in Los Angeles, United States of America
Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, United States of America
Office of Agricultural Affairs
Office of the Air Attache
Office of Commercial Affairs
Office of Economic and Financial Affairs
Office of Educational Affairs
Office of Information
Office of Science and Technology
Mission of Thailand to the European Union in Brussels
Political Parties
Democrat Party
Chart Thai
New Aspiration Party
Phalang Dhama
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