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Government of Suriname
Suriname - Suriname
Official language: Dutch
National Institutions
Ministerie van Handel en Industrie - Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministerie van Justitie en Politie - Ministry of Justice and Police
Centrale Bank van Suriname (CBvS)

- Central Bank of Suriname

Embassies and Consulates
Consulate General of Suriname in Miami, United States of America
Permanent Mission of Suriname to the United Nations in New York
Political Parties
Nationale Partij Suriname (NPS) - National Party Suriname
Verenigde Hervormings Partij (VHP) - United Reformation Party
Nationale Democratische Partij (NDP) - National Democratic Party
Democratisch Alternatief 91 (DA91) - Democratic Alternative 91
Hernieuwde Progressieve Partij (HPP) - Reformed Progressive Party
Partij voor Democratie en Ontwikkeling in Eenheid (DOE) - Party for Democracy and Development in Unity
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