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Government of Palestine
Palestine - Filistin
Official language: Arabic
National Institutions
Office of the President
State Information Service
Planning Center
Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center
Palestinian Legislative Council
Palestinian National Authority
Cabinet Office
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Economy and Trade
Palestinian Trade Center
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Non-Governmental Organizations Affairs
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
Government Computer Center
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Palestinian Water Authority
Palestinian Monetary Authority
Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction
Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science
Central Election Commission
Municipal Institutions
Al-Bireh Municipality
Gaza Municipality
Jericho Municipality
Nablus Municipality
Qalqilya Municipality
Ramallah Municipality
Embassies and Consulates
General Delegation of Palestine in Ottawa, Canada
General Delegation of Palestine in Helsinki, Finland
Special Delegation of Palestine in Mexico City, Mexico
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations in New York
Political Parties
Palestinian People's Party
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