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Government of Morocco
Morocco - Magrib
Official language: Arabic
National Institutions
Prime Ministry
Ministry of Economic Provision and Planning
Directorate of Statistics
State Secretariat for Postal Service and Information Technologies
National Agency for the Regulation of Telecommunications
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries
National Office of Fisheries
National Institute of Agricultural Research
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Economy, Finance and Privatization
Directorate of General Economic Politics
Directorate of Foreign Investments
Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research
Directorate of Executive Training
Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft
Office of Industrial Development
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of the Public Sector and Privatization
Ministry of Public Works
National Directorate of Meteorology
National Office of Potable Water
Office of Ports Utilization
Ministry of Regional Planning, Environment, Urban Development and Housing
State Secretariat for Environment
State Secretariat of Housing
Moroccan National Office of Tourism
National Office of Airports
Office of Vocational Training and Labour Promotion
National Council of the Youth and the Future
Bank Al-Maghrib
Supreme Court
Province of Errachidia
Municipal Institutions
Urban Community of Casablanca
Embassies and Consulates
Embassy of Morocco in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Embassy of Morocco in Brasilia, Brazil
Consulate General of Morocco in Montreal, Canada
Embassy of Morocco in Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Morocco in Santiago, Chile
Embassy of Morocco in Bogota, Colombia
Consulate of Morocco in Pontoise, France
Consulate General of Morocco in Toulouse, France
Embassy of Morocco in Berlin, Germany
Embassy of Morocco in New Delhi, India
Embassy of Morocco in Seoul, Korea (Republic)
Political Parties
Union Socialiste des Forces Populaires (USFP) - Socialist Union of Popular Forces
Mouvement National Populaire (MNP) - Popular National Movement
Forces Citoyennes (FC) - Citizens Forces
Parti de l'Avant Garde Démocratique Social - Party of the Social Democratic Avant Garde
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