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Government of Lebanon
Lebanon - Lubnan - Liban
Official languages: Arabic, French
National Institutions
Présidence de la République Libanaise - Presidency of the Lebanese Republic
Parlement Libanais - Lebanese Parliament
Présidence du Conseil des Ministres - Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Administration Centrale de la Statistique - Central Administration for Statistics
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) - National Council for Scientific Research
Ministère de l'Agriculture - Ministry of Agriculture
Ministère des Déplacés - Ministry of Displaced
Ministère de l'Économie et du Commerce - Ministry of Economy and Trade
Ministère de l'Environnement - Ministry of Environment
Ministère des Finances - Ministry of Finance
Customs Administration
Institut des Finances - Institute of Finance
Ministère de l'Industrie - Ministry of Industry
Lebanese Standards Institution
Industrial Research Institute
Ministère de l'Intérieur - Ministry of Interior
Internal Security Forces
Ministère de la Justice - Ministry of Justice
Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports - Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports
Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports - Directorate of Youth and Sports
Centre National de Recherche et de Développement Pédagogiques (CNRDP) - National Centre of Educational Research and Development
Ministère des Postes et Télécommunications - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
Ministère de la Santé Publique - Ministry of Public Health
Ministère des Travaux Publics - Ministry of Public Works
Ministère du Tourisme - Ministry of Tourism
General Directorate of Emigrants
Lebanese Armed Forces
Centre des Archives Nationales - Center of National Archives
Civil Service Board
Central Inspection Board
Conseil du Développement et de la Reconstruction (CDR) - Council of Development and Reconstruction
General Military Prosecutor
Banque du Liban (BDL) - Bank of Lebanon
Agence Nationale des Informations - National News Agency
Court of Audit
Conseil Constitutionnel - Constitutional Council
Municipal Institutions
Municipality of Ainab
Municipality of Aley
Municipality of Brummana
Municipality of Hammana
Municipality of Jounieh
City of Saida
Embassies and Consulates
Consulat Général du Liban à Dubai, Émirats Arabes - Consulate General of Lebanon in Dubai, Arab Emirates
Consulat Général du Liban à Sydney, Australie - Consulate General of Lebanon in Sydney, Australia
Ambassade du Liban à Ottawa, Canada - Embassy of Lebanon in Ottawa, Canada
Ambassade du Liban à Rome, Italie - Embassy of Lebanon in Rome, Italy
Consulat Honoraire du Liban à Monaco - Honorary Consulate of Lebanon in Monaco
Ambassade du Liban à Washington, États-Unis d'Amérique - Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, United States of America
Political Parties
National Liberal Party
Kataeb Party
Kataeb Sweden
Progressive Socialist Party
Guardians of the Cedars
Lebanese Forces Party
Lebanese Communist Party
Kurdish Democratic Party in Lebanon
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