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Government of Greece
Greece - Ellas
Official language: Greek
National Institutions
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of the Aegean
Ministry of Agriculture
Forest Research Institute
Ministry of Culture
Undersecretariat of State for Sports
Ministry of Development
General Secretariat for Research and Technology
National Centre for Scientific Research (Demokritos)
National Centre for Marine Research
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
Institute for Language and Speech Processing
Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
General Secretariat for Consumers
Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration
Industrial Property Organisation (OBI)
Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) <additional site>
Hellenic Organisation for Standardization (ELOT)
Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
General Secretariat for Adult Education
Organisation for Vocational Education and Training
Centre for the Greek Language
Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad
Ministry of Health and Welfare
National Centre for Surveilance and Intervention
Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization
General Secretariat for Equality
Research Centre for Equal Opportunities
Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
General Directorate of Working Conditions and Health
Greek Manpower Employment Organisation
Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace
Ministry of Mercantile Marine
Ministry of National Defence
Hellenic Army
Hellenic Air Force
Ministry of National Economy
National Statistical Service of Greece
Ministry of Press and Mass Media
Ministry of Public Order
Hellenic Police
Directorate of Informatics
Hellenic Fire Brigade
Ministry of Transportations and Communications
Social Security Institute
National Telecommunications Commission
Bank of Greece
Hellenic Data Protection Authority
Municipal Institutions
Prefecture of Arta
Prefecture of Athens
Prefecture of Chios
Prefecture of Corfu
Prefecture of Corinthia
Prefecture of Cyclades
Prefecture of Dodecanisa
Prefecture of Ilia
Prefecture of Kavala
Prefecture of Kozani
Prefecture of Larissa
Prefecture of Piraeus
Municipality of Aegina Island
Municipality of Amaroussion
Municipality of Chania
Municipality of Chios
Municipality of Heraklion
Municipality of Homeropolis
Municipality of Kalymnos
Municipality of Kampochora
Municipality of Karditsa
Municipality of Kavala
Municipality of Kria Vrissi
Municipality of Larissa
Municipality of Nikea
Municipality of Thessaloniki
Municipality of Volos
Embassies and Consulates
Embassy of Greece in Brasilia, Brazil
Consulate General of Greece in Montreal, Canada
Consulate General of Greece in Toronto, Canada
Embassy of Greece in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Embassy of Greece in Helsinki, Finland
Consulate of Greece in Grenoble, France
Embassy of Greece in Paris, France
Embassy of Greece in Berlin, Germany
Consulate General of Greece in Berlin, Germany
Consulate General of Greece in Hamburg, Germany
Embassy of Greece in Rome, Italy
Greek National Tourism Organisation in Milan, Italy
Embassy of Greece in Islamabad, Pakistan
Embassy of Greece in Warsaw, Poland
Embassy of Greece in Bratislava, Slovakia
Consulate General of Greece in Los Angeles, United States of America
Consulate General of Greece in New York, United States of America
Embassy of Greece in Washington, United States of America
Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations in New York
Political Parties
Panellinio Socialistiko Kinima (PASOK) - Panhellenic Socialist Movement
PASOK Thessaloniki
Nea Dimokratia (ND) - New Democracy
Kommounistiko Komma Elladas (KKE) - Communist Party of Greece
Communist Youth of Greece
Synaspismos tis Aristeras kai tis Proodou (SYN) - Coalition of the Left and Progress
Dimokratiko Kinoniko Kinima (DIKKI) - Democratic Social Movement
Politiki Anixi - Political Spring
Hellenic Front
Vinozhito - Rainbow
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