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Government of Fiji
Fiji - Viti
Official languages: Fijian, English
National Institutions
Fiji Government
Ministry of Commerce, Business Development and Investment
Fiji Trade and Investment Board (FTIB)
Ministry of Fijian Affairs, Culture and Heritage
Native Land Trust Board (NLTB)
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau
Fiji Islands Customs Service
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources
Mineral Resources Department (MRD)
Ministry of Tourism
Fiji Visitors Bureau (FVB)
Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
Fiji Meteorological Service (FMS)
Ministry of Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation
Reserve Bank of Fiji
Embassies and Consulates
Fiji Visitors Bureau in Auckland, New Zealand
High Commission of the Republic of the Fiji Islands in Wellington, New Zealand
Fiji Visitors Bureau in Los Angeles, United States of America
Political Parties
Natural Law Party (NLP)
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