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Government of Cyprus (Turkish Republic)
Cyprus (Turkish Republic) - Kibris (Türk Cumhuriyet)
Official language: Turkish
National Institutions
President's Office
Cumhuriyet Meclisi - Assembly of the Republic
Tarim ve Orman Bakanligi - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Disisleri ve Savunma Bakanligi - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence
Enformasyon Dairesi - Public Information Office
Milli Egitim ve Kültür Bakanligi - Ministry of National Education and Culture
Turizm ve Cevre Bakanligi - Ministry of Tourism and Environment
Kuzey Kibris Türk Cumhuriyeti Merkez Bankasi - Central Bank of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Bayrak Radyo Televizyon Kurumu
Embassies and Consulates
Office of the Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Washington, United States of America
Political Parties
Ulusal Birlik Partisi (UBP) - National Unity Party
Toplumcu Kurtulus Partisi (TKP) - Social Liberation Party
Cumhuriyetçi Türk Partisi (CTP) - Republican Turkish Party
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