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Government of Cuba
Cuba - Cuba
Official language: Spanish
National Institutions
Gobierno de la República de Cuba - Government of the Republic of Cuba
Ministerio de Cultura - Ministry of Culture
Ministerio de Educación - Ministry of Education
Ministerio de Comercio Exterior - Ministry of External Commerce
Instituto del Comercio Exterior (INCOMEX) - Institute of External Commerce
Centro para la Promoción de las Exportaciones de Cuba (CEPEC) - Centre for Export Promotion of Cuba
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (MINREX) - Ministry of External Relations
Ministerio de Finanzas y Precios - Ministry of Finance and Prices
Ministerio de la Informática y las Comunicaciones - Ministry of Informatics and Communications
Ministerio de Justicia - Ministry of Justice
Ministerio de Salud Pública (MINSAP) - Ministry of Public Health
Dirección Nacional de Estadística (DNE) - National Directorate of Statistics
Instituto Nacional de Higiene, Epidemiología y Microbiología (INHEM)
Instituto Nacional de Endocrinología (INEN)
Instituto de Hematología e Inmunología (IHI) - Institute of Hematology and Immunology
Instituto de Medicina Tropical "Pedro Kourí" (IPK) - Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kourí"
Centro para el Control Estatal de la Calidad de los Medicamentos (CECMED)
Centro de Control Estatal de Equipos Médicos (CCEEM)
Centro Nacional de Promoción y Educación para la Salud (CNPES) - National Centre of Health Promotion and Education
Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual (CENESEX) - National Centre of Sexual Education
Centro Nacional Coordinador de Ensayos Clínicos (CENCEC)
Centro de Investigaciones del Ozono - Centre of Ozone Research
Ministerio de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias (MINFAR) - Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces
Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente - Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Agencia de Medio Ambiente (AMA) - Agency of Environment
Instituto de Meteorologia (INSMET) - Institute of Meteorology
Instituto de Geofísica y Astronomía - Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy
Instituto de Información Científica y Tecnológica (IDICT) - Institute of Scientific and Technological Information
Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática (IES)
Centro de Inspección y Control Ambiental (CICA) - Centre of Environmental Inspection and Control
Ministerio de Turismo - Ministry of Tourism
Ministerio del Transporte - Ministry of Transport
Oficina Cubana de la Propiedad Industrial (OCPI) - Cuban Office of Industrial Property
Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN) - Agency of National Information
Aduana General de la República - General Customs of the Republic
Instituto Nacional de Educación Física y Recreación (INDER) - National Institute of Physical Education and Recreation
Instituto de Aeronáutica Civil de Cuba (IACC) - Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba
Instituto de Cibernética, Matemática y Física (ICIMAF) - Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics
Instituto de Investigaciones en Normalización (ININ)
Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP)
Banco Central de Cuba (BCC) - Central Bank of Cuba
Embassies and Consulates
Embajada de Cuba en Brasília, Brasil - Embassy of Cuba in Brasilia, Brazil
Embajada de Cuba en Ottawa, Canadá - Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa, Canada
Tourist Office of Cuba in Frankfurt, Germany
Embajada de Cuba en Roma, Italia - Embassy of Cuba in Rome, Italy
Embajada de Cuba en Tokio, Japón - Embassy of Cuba in Tokyo, Japan
Seccion de Intereses de Cuba en Washington, Estados Unidos de América - Cuban Interests Section in Washington, United States of America
Misión Permanente de Cuba ante las Naciones Unidas en Ginebra - Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations in Geneva
Misión Permanente de Cuba ante las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York - Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations in New York
Political Parties
Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC) - Communist Party of Cuba
Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba (PDC) - Christian Democratic Party of Cuba
Partido Solidaridad Democrática (PSD) - Democratic Solidarity Party
Partido Social Revolucionario Democrático Cubano - Cuban Social Revolutionary Democratic Party
Coordinadora Social Demócrata de Cuba (CSDC) - Social Democratic Coordination of Cuba
Unión Liberal Cubana - Cuban Liberal Union
Cuba :. Government Digital
Cuba Gob Official website of the the Cuban government With links to information about the government foreign relations and economic and social development Country s national symbols , history ,provinces and municipalities - In Spanish and English
CUBA NIC Centro Cubano de Informacion en Red - Organization belonging to the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment for registering internet providers in Cuba in accordance with regulations In Spanish
Gaceta Oficial - Created by the Ministry of Justice of Cuba Provides official record of resolutions by the president and the ministries of state Mission history archives and reference index. In Spanish
OCPI OFICINA NACIONAL DE LA PROPIEDAD INDUSTRIAL - National Office for Industrial Property OCPI part of the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment - Cuban Institution Responsible for the establishment of legal codes policies and management of Industrial Property in the country In Spanish
Cuba :. International
Embassy of The United States of America in Havana Cuba - U S Government statements and News on U S Policy toward Cuba In English
CUBA Policy Foundation - Non partisan decidedly centrist organization that supports democratic reform in Cuba and is in favor of lifting the U S embargo against Cuba. News , history of U S policy legislation in congress , why change is beneficial how the embargo hurts the U S where Americans stand on Cuba policy the CPF s impact There are also downloadable brochure contact information travel information and related links In English
Hermanos ORG - Brothers to the Rescue Inc a nonprofit organization based in Miami Florida Conducts humanitarian searching missions for rafters in the Florida Straits running from the government in Cuba Includes current news articles and human rights in Cuba In English
Fidel Castro Speech - speeches by Cuban president Fidel Castro 1927 The database service is provided by the Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas at Austin
Che Lives - dedicated to the revolutionary leader Ernesto Guevara 1928 1967 also known as Che Provides archives of his speeches articles about him biographies chronologies, documents a picture gallery downloads related links contact information and a mailing list Discussion forums and Radio Rebelde In English
Close Up - The Close Up Foundation provides an overview of the U S policy toward Cuba from 1898 1997 Covers the history of relations between the United States and Cuba and the background of the embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba In English
CUBA SOLIDARITY PROJECT CUBA AND CULTURE - Website established by Cuba Solidarity Project opposing the blockade of Cuba The site includes links to articles about the blockade the dirty war culture tourism media expressions of solidarity with Cuba miscellaneous declarations against the blockade and the organizations manifesto In English and French
Cuba Facts - Current news and reference information on Cuba society history political system and economic conditions as well as related links and book reviews
CUBA Polidata - information about the government politics elections armed forces and mass media of Cuba In English
ANTITERRORISTAS CU - the Antiterrorist Working Group and acting as consultants to the Cuban Parliament and other major governmental and non governmental institutions in Cuba
Free Cuba Foundation - Non profit and non partisan organization established to work towards the establishment of an independent and democratic Cuba using non violent means. Includes information about human rights news Cuban history the opposition political prisoners In English
Latin American election statistics CUBA - Guide established by the libraries at the University of California San Diego providing a chronology of elections since independence at the municipal state and federal levels. In English
National Bipartisan Comission on Cuba - Provides information about the National Bipartisan Commission on Cuba Act 2000 , proposed legislation , co sponsors and supporters the commission s structure the Kissinger Commission a History of U S Cuba policy - In English
Office of Foreign Assets Control OFAC - Website created by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U S Department of the Treasury based in Washington D C . This office administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions against targeted foreign countries terrorism sponsoring organizations and international narcotics traffickers Provides information about U S embargo against Cuba and related sanctions for violations In English
Marti Noticias - By the U S Office of Cuba Broadcasting to oversee Radio and TV Marti transmissions Provides information about radio and television programs and the organization s installations Radio Marti and TV Marti In Spanish and English
Politics in Cuba Source for bibliography and books and articles concerning Cuba is the annual Handbook of Latin American Studies produced by editors under the editorship of the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. Coverage of journal articles
Laws Cuba Regional resources for Latin America by the University of Texas' LANIC
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